SFScon 2020, November 13-14, Bolzano, Italy

FASTEN will be presented at SFScon 2020, November 13-14 in Bolzano, Italy.
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OW2 Community Day 2020, November 3, Grenoble, France

FASTEN will be largely represented in the Session "Dependency Management".
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SATToSE, July 1-2, Amsterdam (moved to virtual)

SATToSE - Seminar Series on Advanced Techniques & Tools for Software Evolution
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Diomidis Spinellis, Professor and Head of Department, Athens University


"As of today, software developers know only the part names of the software they are using, but they have little idea how all these fit and work together. If some part has a security vulnerability or other bug and gets fixed, they don’t know if they need to update it or not. Updating it can be expensive, but failing to update it can result in failures. FASTEN is solving this issue by providing a detailed map of how open source software components fit and work together, called a call graph". 

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OW2online, June 17-18

FASTEN is presented at the virtual event, OW2online'20, on june 17, 2020 at 5:00pm.
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PyCon 2020 Conference, April 15-23, Pittsburgh, USA

We are happy to announce that we have been invited by the PyCon Community to join the Python Packaging Summit.
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Programmez! 2020 Article

Programmez! April 2020

Title: Understanding external codes, mastering dependancies

Abstract: Opening the second part of a large DevOps dossier distributed over two issues, this Programmez! French article reveals future DevOps practices through the description of two ongoing European-funded Horizon 2020 research projects: DECODER and FASTEN.

Giasemi Seisa, Software Engineer, Endocode AG, Berlin


"With FASTEN, the user will be able to have a more concrete overview of the dependencies he will introduce into his code, should he use a specific library..."

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FOSDEM, February 1-2, 2020, Brussels

We are proud to reveal the program of the FOSDEM Devroom coordinated by FASTEN on the topic of Dependency Management.

Paris Open Source Summit 2019

FASTEN introduced at Paris Open Source Summit on December 11, 2019.
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