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FOSDEM 2021 Press Release

FOSDEM 2021: OW2 unveils latest advances of FASTEN, a promising innovation adding intelligence to package management systems

How FASTEN’s breakthrough research addresses software dependency issues faced by millions of developers will be revealed in the Dependency Management Devroom organised by OW2.

Paris, February 1, 2021  - OW2, the international community dedicated to develop and to promote an open source code base, announces the presentation of the FASTEN research project on OW2 virtual booth at FOSDEM, February 6-7 2021, and in the Dependency Management Devroom, coordinated by OW2 and FASTEN, on Sunday February 7th morning.
FASTEN develops an intelligent software package management framework that  enhances robustness and security in software ecosystems by addressing the issues of operational and compliance risks generated by dependencies. 

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Programmez! 2020 Article

Programmez! April 2020

Title: Understanding external codes, mastering dependancies

Abstract: Opening the second part of a large DevOps dossier distributed over two issues, this Programmez! French article reveals future DevOps practices through the description of two ongoing European-funded Horizon 2020 research projects: DECODER and FASTEN.

OW2 Introduces FASTEN Research Project at OW2con’19

Using fined-grained and method-level tracking of software dependencies, FASTEN will deliver an Intelligent Package Management system, helping developers to reuse open source software with confidence.

Paris, June 12, 2019 - OW2, the international community dedicated to help develop and promote a code base  of open source software for information systems is presenting today at OW2con’19, for the first time publicly, the new FASTEN research project.

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