OW2con'22, June 8-9, online

OW2 organizes its 2022 annual conference on June 8-9. 


FASTEN will be presented in the track dedicated to research projects, by Antoine Mottier, OW2 CTO. 

Title: FASTEN: rich and accurate dependency management in action
Abstract: Nowadays a lot of tools exist to ease dependency management helping you to keep your dependencies up to date and secure. But most of those tools lack accuracy leading to noise for development team. This session will present a demonstration of FASTEN tool that demonstrate how the combination of several data sources and call graph can lead to a more accurate dependency management assistant.

Check out the replay of the video.

Learn more about OW2con'22 and how to join : https://www.ow2con.org/

About OW2con'22:
OW2con’22 is two days of high-level technical presentations and a unique opportunity to network with peers and the international free software community as a whole. The call for presentations is open until February 27, 2022. The program and platform are optimized for the online format: strictly timed short presentations, well-timed breaks and dedicated chat rooms.
The central theme of OW2con this year is: "Reliable and Predictable Open Source Software". As open source becomes more mature it expands toward more commercial and more business-like segments. By moving up the layers of corporate information systems - from the operating system up to the business applications - open source software is increasingly used by non-IT specialists.
The challenge for skilled community developers and professional development teams is to address the needs of the mainstream market with reliable, predictable and well supported industry-grade open source software. Similarly, users must learn how to manage open source professionally so as to adopt open source in a way that is also reliable and predictable. OW2con'22 will address the many challenges of ensuring reliable and predictable open source software.