OW2online, June 17-18, 2020 (moved to virtual)

FASTEN is presented at the virtual event, OW2online'20, replacing the OW2con'20 conference due to the pandemic. 


OW2conline'20 will take place on june 17-18, 2020.

Speaker: Amir Mir, TUDelft

Title: FASTEN Intelligent Package Management

Abstract: As recent events, such as the leftpad incident and the Equifax data breach, have demonstrated, dependencies on networks of external libraries can introduce projects to significant operational and
compliance risks as well as difficult to assess security implications. FASTEN introduces fine-grained, method-level, tracking of dependencies on top of existing dependency management networks. In our talk, we will present how FASTEN works on top of the Rust/Cargo and Java/Maven ecosystems. 

Find more about OW2online'20: https://www.ow2con.org/ or connect to https://l.ow2.org/rc-ow2online to register and join the sessions. 

Slides of the presentation: Download the PDF

OW2online'20 FASTEN Video