SFScon, November 13-14,  2020, Bolzano, Italy (moved to virtual)

SFScon 2020
November 13-14
Bolzano, Italy

FASTEN will be presented at SFScon 2020. More details about the schedule coming soon. 

Title: Software Ecosystems as Networks: Advances on the FASTEN project

Abstract: The goal of the EU project FASTEN is being able to perform a more sophisticated analysis of security-vulnerability propagation, licensing compliance,  and dependency risk profiles (among others) by relying on the call-level dependency network of the whole software ecosystem. We outline the purpose and structure of the project, and present some preliminary results.

Speaker: Paolo Boldi, Milano University

Schedule: November 13, 17h40.

Watch the live streaming of the session "Community Management and OW2 Track".

Download the slides of FASTEN presentation at SFScon.  

Find more about FASTEN presentation on SFScon website


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