Overall Concept

With the FASTEN project, we aim to make software ecosystems more robust by making package
management more intelligent. The core idea that FASTEN relies upon is the creation of an ecosystem-wide Fine-Grained Call Graph (FGCG), at the function level. FASTEN will performs sophisticated analyses of i) security vulnerability propagation, ii) licensing compliance, and iii) dependency risk profiles. To facilitate adoption, FASTEN will bring those analyses to the hands of developers by integrating the analysis service to popular package managers, for the Java, C, and Python programming languages. 

Project Scientific and Technical Objectives

1) Development of fine-grained ecosystem analysis for C, Java and Python
2) Development of method for ecosystem-wide change impact analysis
3) Development of method for security vulnerability propagation detection
4) Development of method for fine-grained compliance monitoring
5) Development of method for dependency risk profiling
6) Development of a scalable analysis service
7) Integration of FASTEN in Java/Python package managers
8) Validation through industrial use cases

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