FASTEN presentation at FOSDEM 2020, Brussels

Georgios Gousios Project Technical Leader presented FASTEN in the Devroom session "Dependency Management" coordinated by the FASTEN team. Presentation Title: "Scaling Static Analysis to ecosystems"

FASTEN presentation at SFScon 2019, Bolzano, Italy

FASTEN was presented in the OW2 conference track, by Paolo Boldi, Professor at Milano University. Presentation Title: "Software Ecosystems as networks: The FASTEN project".

FASTEN presentation at Paris Open Source Summit 2019

FASTEN was introduced to open source developers and practitionners participating in Paris Open Source Summit, as well as to other EU-funded projects. Presentation Title: "FASTEN: Intelligent Package Management"

FASTEN presentation at GitHub

Before discussing potential collaborations, Georgios Gousios, Professor at TUDelft Software Engineering Research Group and FASTEN Project and Scientific Coordinator, offered this Dependancy Management synthesis to 30 GitHub professionals including remote attendees on April 17, 2019. Presentation Title: "The trouble of modern dependency management and what to do about them". 

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