Presentation at OW2con'21, June 23-24, 2021, Online

Discover the replay of FASTEN Presentation and demo at OW2con'21, by Antoine Mottier, OW2.

Presentation of OSS Licence Compliance within FASTEN, OSS2021, May 12, 2021, Online

Discover the replay of FASTEN Presentation at OSS2021, by Michele Scarlato, Endocode.

Video of FASTEN Virtual Workshop, April 2021 (online)

Discover the replay of FASTEN Virtual workshop on risk mitigation with SCA and Dependency Management.

Presentation at the FASTEN annual review, September 2020 (online)

Discover the first public demonstration of the FASTEN analysis tools, by Amir Mir, TUDelft.

Presentation at FOSDEM, February 2020, Brussels, Belgium

Presentation of FASTEN by Georgios Gousios, TUDelft, at FOSDEM 2020, in the Dependency Management Devroom.

Presentation at SFScon, November 2019, Bolzano, Italy

Discover the video of FASTEN presentation at SFScon, by Paolo Boldi, University of Milano, November 2019 in Bolzano.

FASTEN Introduction Video, January 2019

The video was realized during the kick-off meeting of the project, in January 2019 in TUDelft offices.

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