Fasten at a glance

Project Name:  Fine-Grained Analysis of Software Ecosystems as Networks

Project Acronym: FASTEN

EU program: H2020-ICT-2018-2020 (Information and Communication Technologies) 

This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement 825328.

Key Dates: January 2019 - December 2021

Project Leadership: TU DELFT

Project Work Packages:

  • Work Package 1: Call graphs for Java/Python/C - Leader: AUEB 
  • Work Package 2: Developing the FASTEN Knowledge Base - Leader: TU DELFT
  • Work Package 3: Security, Quality and Risk - Leader: SIG
  • Work Package 4: Licensing and Compliance - Leader: EC
  • Work Package 5: Change Impact Analysis -  Leader: UMIL
  • Work Package 6: Cases Studies - Leader: XWiki
  • Work Package 7: Dissemination and Exploitation - Leader: OW2
  • Work Package 8: Project Management - Leader: TU DELFT